Welcome to Suzanne’s Organics Salon

Please review our new protocols and policies below. Click on each image to download a printable copy.

Safety Protocols Safety Protocols
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Our Vision

To merge the artistic, creative world of beauty with an emphasis on health and wellness.

Our Mission

We serve and support you by providing an intimate experience that is nurturing, relaxing, and uplifting. Using only safe, organic, non-toxic hair care and hair color, we create personalized artistic designs with quality and intention. May your experience with us bring you a sense of renewal.

Our Philosophy

The spirit of beauty is the belief that beauty comes from within, a continuous transformation. It requires a deep commitment to a loving relationship with ourselves, and an ongoing effort for balance and harmony in our lives. If all things are truly interconnected, our relationship with ourselves is reflected in our relationship with family, friends, community, and the environment. This holistic approach brings about a sense of peace, a feeling of freedom, a lightness of spirit, and renewed creative energy: true beauty.

“Everything we put in and on our bodies must be nutritious and safe.” — Horst M. Rechelbacher, Founder of Intelligent Nutrients

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