• Haircut: $50
  • Spa Haircut: $70
  • Youth haircut: $30
  • Blow Out: $35+
  • Wax: $15
  • Conditioning Treatment With Service: $15
  • Conditioning Treatment Without Service: $50

Jessie Senior Artist

Jessie has been in the industry since 2004, having trained with Aveda. She finds inspiration for her craft from observing everyday people out in the world. She appreciates every style from fun and edgy to low maintenance and practical. She believes that working as a stylist goes beyond just doing hair. It is providing a service that allows someone to be listened to, supported, and helped to feel their absolute best when they walk out the door.

Outside the salon, Jessie keeps busy with her partner, two sons (Niko and Oliver), and her business Babierge Kalamazoo - Baby Equipment Rentals. She has a passion for volunteering and enjoys rafting, reading, yoga, food, and going on adventures with her family.